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Enjoy a Maintenance-free Pergola with Kynar 500™ Coating

Pergolas Creates Soothing Shade Pergola Madison WIA pergola is a beautiful, budget-friendly upgrade that can enhance the enjoyment, curb appeal and value of your home.

Pergolas are also versatile, as they can cover a patio, driveway, or an outdoor dining space — to name just a few of the solutions a pergola is perfect for. Since pergolas are designed to provide partial shade to the areas they cover, one of the benefits you can enjoy is just the right amount of shade and comfort for relaxing or a gathering with friends and family.

That being said, there are many types of materials that can be used for pergolas including cedar, vinyl and aluminum — each of which comes with its own level of maintenance.

That said, if you don’t like the idea of having to maintain your pergola — there is a solution that allows you to enjoy your pergola with little to no upkeep.

It’s called Kynar 500, and when it’s added as a coating to an aluminum pergola, the result is a maintenance-free experience.

How Kynar 500 Works …

Also used on metal roofing because of its extreme durability, Kynar 500 is an oven-baked, resin-based coating used to prevent aluminum, aluminized steel and galvanized steel from premature aging, chalking, pitting, weathering, pollution and chipping. It can withstand the blistering sun, acid rain, humidity, corrosive salt, as well as abrasion — and maintain its original color for decades.

Other benefits include resistance to mildew, fungus and it easily repels dirt, too!

Kynar is a powder coating, but it is intrinsically different then less durable powder coatings because it is “thermoplastic” instead of “thermoset.” Kynar is also applied at a greater thickness than most thermoset powder coatings, which is one of the factors that makes it so durable and protective of the aluminum substrate it’s baked onto. In contrast, over time other coatings begin to fail when they start to break down because of the effects of sun, rain, pollutants, etc., which is why they require maintenance.

Because of these outstanding qualities, Kynar 500 is often used by architects and builders to add longevity to a build. In fact, it was introduced in 1965 as the original high-performance finish for architectural metal, and is still considered the architect’s first choice today.

In addition to being maintenance free and long lasting (on average, for about 50 years), Kynar is also available in a variety of colors to complement the aesthetic of your home.

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