Porch Conversion for Madison WI Home Improvement
Porch Conversion for Madison WI Home Improvement

Porch Conversions Help Madison Homeowners Transform Their Space and Enjoy it More

Ready for an “extreme porch makeover?” We can help! Quite often, homeowners call us because they already have an outdoor space, but it’s not one they love. We offer porch conversions that help Madison homeowners change all that for the better!

If you have a screen porch or open-air porch that’s an eye sore, call us and ask about porch conversions. If you have a screen porch that you’d like to use for more days each year, call us about a porch conversion. Porch conversions can help you transform an open-air porch, a screen porch to a sunroom or a three-season sunroom to a year-round sunroom. 

To achieve a successful porch conversion, you need an expert partner who understands Wisconsin’s changing regulations, especially if your home isn’t new construction. Wisconsin now requires special engineering on porch walls longer than 12’6” wide on any side. You can’t install just any window or storm window in your porch conversion without proper lateral wind load engineering. 

Kool View is the partner that Madison homeowners trust most for porch conversions, because we’ve been doing this since 1973. We use engineered wall systems that meet Madison area porch conversion requirements. We can design a new porch conversion that is so well insulated, you can remove the adjacent house wall and make it part of your home!

High-Quality Porch Enclosures for Pest-Free Relaxation in Madison

Porch enclosures transform your porch or patio into a three-season room or year-round room! With porch enclosures, we can give you a wall of glazing that provides both view and ventilation from your patio or porch. You will achieve a sense of natural clear view and nature that no ordinary screen room can give.

Revamp your dated porch enclosure with a beautiful new upgraded porch enclosure system from Kool View. Our innovative system offers Madison homeowners interested in porch enclosures a modern approach to leisure time. Our porch enclosures, also known as screen rooms, are versatile and fully motorized. This means that with merely the touch of a button, you can be fully protected from bugs, allergens and other irritants, while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Not only that, but our porch enclosure screen systems can create the perfect ambience in your room of leisure with atmospheric, adjustable lighting. The screens in your porch enclosure can also automatically adjust to the current weather conditions based on your own personalized settings. These features make your porch or patio far more enjoyable,and also very user friendly.

Some of the best evenings for outdoor enjoyment are foiled by flying flesh feeders! A Kool View screen porch protects you from bugs, excessive heat and rain. We can often install a screen porch enclosure on an existing deck, patio or porch. Our screen porch enclosures feature a low-maintenance, aluminum frame that minimizes your visual obstruction. Our built-in, fall-protection railing system blends in flawlessly. Optional wood elements are available to give your screen porch a north woods outdoor feeling. Our screen porch enclosures can be converted into a four-season enclosed porch with our V-Series window system.

Most Madison homeowners are shocked to learn of the modern features and benefits of today’s porch enclosures.

  • Porch Enclosures with Motorized Functionality: Our screen systems are fully motorized, making them easy to operate without putting undue stress on Madison homeowners. They also come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Remote Controlled Porch Enclosures: Enjoy the convenience of operating your new screen porch enclosure with our hand-held remote control. You can also use your own smart phone as a controller.
  • Automated Adjustments: We’ve equipped our screen porch enclosures with technology to make automatic adjustments based on your preset conditions. This means automatic adjustments for wind and light to optimize your comfort and protect your investment. Our screen porch enclosure systems are also equipped with sensors that automatically retract the screens when an obstruction in the screen’s path is detected.
  • Atmospheric Lighting Lends Ambiance to Your Patio or Porch: Our porch enclosures are available with customizable LED lighting to make the mood perfect for any situation. Whether you’re entertaining guests, reading or simply want ambient lighting while enjoying the outdoors, our LED lighting provides it.
  • Fabric Options Galore: We have many fabric options available, each with its own style and weight. The screens can even be used as projection screens, turning your porch enclosure into a private movie theater.

The greatest perk of our porch enclosures is that they are a great way to increase the value of your Madison area home, since they add usable living space. That, along with the numerous other benefits of our porch enclosures, is why so many Madison homeowners are upgrading their homes with a porch enclosure from Kool View.. 

Our porch enclosures can even include a cool mist and soft breeze technology that effectively cools your space by up to 40 degrees. This makes your porch enclosure perfect even on hot, muggy days. Start enjoying the outdoors in one of the most leisurely ways possible. Contact Kool View in Madison, WI about our porch enclosures.

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