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Deck Builders Madison WI Stone and Wood Decks
Deck Builders Madison WI Stone and Wood Decks

Update Your Thinking About Decks, Sidewalks and Patios to the Stone Age

The Stone Age Deck and Concrete Resurfacing System exclusively from Kool View in Madison achieves new heights in beauty, durability and longevity. The right deck can provide countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment. The wrong deck, on the other hand, means headaches and a lot of maintenance and expense. Kool View President, Alan Anderson, says, “After 35 years of building decks for Madison area clients, I’ve run into many issues when installing composite decks. I finally concluded composite decks are not a good investment. There had to be another deck product that would finally deliver the promise of a long-lasting, low-maintenance, beautiful deck for Madison homeowners.” After a good deal of research and testing, Alan Anderson developed the Stone Age Deck and Concrete Resurfacing system. Covering decks with paver bricks is nothing new. Companies have been doing it for more than 20 years. Most stone decks use standard paver bricks. Standard deck pavers are 2-4” thick and weight a TON! They require oversized footings and special framing to keep your deck from collapsing. This is costly.


Stone Age deck pavers are only 1” thick, but they are super tough and strong. This allows us to use standard deck footings and framing materials saving you money. Stone Age Decks are about the same price as quality composite decking, but far superior. Resurfacing an existing deck repurposes the old decking, making the cost more reasonable than replacing deck boards.


Having an attractive entry to your home elevates the value more than most home improvements. It’s first and last impressions that count!  Stone Age Concrete Resurfacing can add that ‘WOW’ factor to your home every time someone enters or leaves. Back yard concrete patios, stairs, and surfaces can also benefit from a Stone Age make over. No heavy equipment tearing up your yard and quick turnaround means you enjoy your new space sooner and save money too! Stone Age Concrete Resurfacing can transform a cracked, uneven and deteriorated concrete sidewalk, stairs, stoop or patio into something even better than the original! Stone Age pavers ‘float’ on top of the existing surface, so cracks, defects and uneven surfaces disappear forever!  Stone Age pavers are easy to remove and replace if needed and require no special maintenance.

Here are the ways that Stone Age Decks outperform composite decks:

Stone Age Decks look brand new long after composite decks wear out. We have replaced dozens of composite decks that are less than 20 years old with Stone Age Decks. Composite decking is made of plastic and plant fiber, usually wood, saw dust and peanut shells. Plant fiber absorbs water and expands, causing the deck board to split open and deteriorate. Plant fiber is also a perfect environment for mold and moss growth. As a result, composite deck manufacturers have been sued many times over the years for deceptive advertising and poor product performance. To combat deterioration, most composite manufacturers now cap deck boards with a solid PVC plastic coating. The coating is designed to stabilize fading and to keep water out of the core. But if the PVC coating is damaged, and allows water into the core, the deck board will swell up along damaged area and look terrible. Some composite deck manufacturers now process the plant fibers so they cannot absorb water. But this technology comes at a price.

Stone Age Decks do not fade. Not now. Not ever. Unfortunately for Madison homeowners with a faded composite deck, fading is not usually not part of the warranty. And if you ever need to replace a deck board, it will not color match the existing deck due to fading.

Stone Age deck pavers do not shrink or expand. Composite decks expand and contract with the temperature, creating gaps in cold weather. Homeowners with composite decks can expect gaps at the end of deck boards during cold periods.

Stone Age Decks use no fasteners, just gravity and sand to hold pavers in place. We use a special adhesive on perimeters and steps. No visible fasteners. With composite decks and perimeter boards, you can’t hide fasteners. You’ll always see some screw heads on composite decks. Most Madison homeowners want a deck without visible fasteners tarnishing its appearance.

Stone Age Decks offer unbelievable design and color selections. Stone Age pavers come in many sizes and styles, with 27 color choices. We can custom design a deck that is truly your own, one-of-a-kind creation.

For more than 35 years, Kool View has been creating amazing spaces where Madison area homeowners can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and beauty. You won’t find more conscientious or experienced deck builders and resurfacing experts in the Madison area.

With decades of experience, we also offer consultations on deck design. Let us know how we can help you create the deck of your dreams.

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