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Cathedral Sunrooms Madison WI
Cathedral Sunrooms Madison WI

The Benefit of Cathedral Sunrooms from Kool View

Cathedral sunrooms are exactly what their name suggests, a sunroom with a vaulted, “Cathedral” ceiling made of solid material or glass. If you are want to add style and value to your home, then a Cathedral sunroom from Kool View Sunrooms in Madison, WI is the solution. Our Cathedral Sunroom will increase your living space and add height and appeal with stunning vaulted ceilings. The other key benefit of a Cathedral Sunroom is return on investment. Local realtors say this sunroom style delivers one of the highest returns on your investment: nearly 80%!

Our Cathedral Sunroom style blends beautifully with your original construction, for a seamless addition to your home. No one wants their investment to look like they “just added it on”. A Kool View Cathedral Sunroom looks as if you initially designed your home around it! It makes a wonderful “great room” that’s perfect for family time or a large holiday gathering. The lofty roof line creates a feeling of space that’s all its own. Add elegance and style to your home with this classic sunroom design.

Cathedral Sunrooms from Experienced Sunroom Design Contractors

When you make an investment in your home, you want to know you’re working with an experienced expert. With more than 35 years of experience designing and building sunrooms throughout the Madison area, Kool View Sunrooms offers unparalleled experience and expertise. We can advise you on the material and design options available for your Cathedral Sunroom.

Our cathedral sunrooms are available in aluminum, and our new hybrid vinyl sunroom. As with our other sunroom styles, you can choose a solid or all-glass roof for your Cathedral Sunroom. And Cathedral Sunroom models offer interiors in aluminum, vinyl or wood. Solid-roof models offer interiors in aluminum or vinyl. PHA Cathedral Sunrooms are available in three configurations:

  • A Low Cathedral Sunroom maintains a lower back wall height, which is ideal for single-story homes.
  • A Factory Cathedral Sunroom has full-view glass walls and comes in pre-determined widths. It requires additional height, so it is ideal for larger homes.
  • Lastly, a Custom Cathedral Sunroom comes standard with full-view glass walls, but has no predetermined widths. It can be customized to match the unique dimensions of your home and is available in the Prime Window Sunroom and Window Wall Sunroom configurations.

Whatever choice fits your needs, our customers LOVE their Kool View Cathedral Sunrooms and say that it is by far their favorite gathering place in the house!

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Types of Cathedral Sunrooms

This is a traditional style Cathedral Sunroom with a vaulted ceiling that gives you a feeling of soaring spaciousness. We offer solid foam insulated roofs up to 12” thick so you can see your world under the comfort of a well-insulated roof! Skylights are available. The gable-style front wall features all-glass trapezoid transoms for an enhanced view of your world.

The sky is your canopy in this grand design. The peaked front wall presents a towering wall of glass. The Sun & Stars Cathedral sunroom is designed to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your home. Opening windows all around are standard with this model.

When friends enter this Cathedral Sunroom, they will be in awe! The bold Northern Pine beams ascend to create a canopy that makes a strong statement in style and elegance. Our Four Seasons CONSERVAGLASS™ roof has large glass panels that complement the bold look and offer spectacular views. A variety of interior finishes are available to make this our most flexible cathedral sunroom design.

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