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Three Season All SeasonSunrooms Madison WI
Three Season All SeasonSunrooms Madison WI

Three Season and All Season Sunrooms Stretch Your Outdoor Enjoyment and Your Budget!

People often use the terms three season sunroom and all season sunroom interchangeably. Once you understand what sets the two apart from one another, you can determine which is right for you. The differences come down to the materials used in construction and the room’s insulation. 

A three season sunroom looks like an all season sunroom, but has single-pane glass and non-insulated floors. While this makes it less usable during the coldest months of the year, it also makes it more affordable than an all season sunroom. For Madison homeowners wanting to extend their outdoor enjoyment without overextending their budget, a three season sunroom is a fantastic option.

Three Season Sunrooms Have Advantages Over Screen Porches

For many homeowners, three season sunrooms strike the perfect balance between a screen porch and all season sunrooms. An enclosed three season sunroom allows you to decorate like a regular room with nice furniture, flooring and decor. Screen porches require sturdy, weather-proof furnishings. With a three season sunroom, you never have to cover or remove your furniture during inclement weather like you would with a screen porch. Also, with a three season sunroom, you can start using your room earlier in the year and use it well into the chilly fall months, long after you would stop using your screen porch for the season. Our Madison area clients can typically enjoy their three season sunrooms from the middle of March through the early part of November. You can’t say the same for a screen porch. Our three season sunrooms are available with studio or cathedral solid roof options for design choice and flexibility.

Enjoying a Three Season or All Season Sunroom for Winter Holidays

Our three season sunrooms can be used in the winter months for special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s with the addition of an HVAC unit to take the chill off. With three season sunrooms, you’d use your HVAC unit in a very different manner than you would for an all season sunroom. For a three season sunroom, the HVAC unit would be used only to take the edge off during a holiday gathering or on an evening where you want to watch the snow fall. You wouldn’t use the HVAC to heat the three season sunroom consistently during the winter months, since a three season sunroom isn’t equipped with sufficient insulation to hold in the heat. In an all season sunroom, you can effectively use an HVAC unit for either heating or cooling purposes, creating year-round comfort.

Three Season Sunrooms Can Be Upgraded to All Season Sunrooms

What if you choose a three season sunroom and change your mind later? We have fantastic news. Our three season sunrooms can be upgraded to an all season sunroom anytime by switching out the single-pane glass with high-performance Conserva Glass Plusand insulating the floor. Some of our clients choose to add a three season sunroom now and upgrade to an all season sunroom at a later date, for budgetary reasons or because their needs or lifestyle changes.

The Difference Between Three Season Sunroom Glass and All Season Sunroom Glass

Windows and glass panes are the largest component of any type of sunroom, so the glass type used will affect the overall usability of the room. Three season sunrooms typically have single pane glass windows which are more affordable, but offer minimal energy efficiency. High-performing, energy-efficient windows are used throughout the entire room in an all season sunroom, which costs more but makes year-round use possible. The choice is up to you. Different people choose a three season sunroom or an all season sunroom for different reasons. With Kool View, Madison homeowners have a lot to choose from, and can get the counsel you need to make the right choice for you.

Choosing Between a Three Season or an All Season Sunroom

Making the right choice has more to do with how you plan to use your sunroom than on the construction differences. If you mainly want a stunning space where you can entertain occasionally during the winter month, and are content to have daily use of your sunroom five to eight months of the year, then a 3 season sunroom could be the ideal solution. On the other hand, if you want additional space you can use comfortably all year long, and the thought of relaxing every morning with a cup of coffee while you enjoy the view outdoors, then an all season sunroom fits the bill. We can work with you to create the perfect oasis, no matter what your needs, style or budget are.

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