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Types of Replacement Windows Kool View Madison
Types of Replacement Windows Kool View Madison

Many Types of Replacement Windows for A Range of Needs and Styles

No matter what style, size, shape, performance and cost you’re looking for, you’ll find the right type of replacement window with help from the window experts at Kool View in Madison. With more than 35 years’ experience in installing windows for Madison homeowners, we can always offer recommendations to help you find just the right solution for you and your home.

Double Hung Window

Double hung replacement windows are the most popular window style. Both top and bottom sashes slide up and down. Our double hung windows come with a full or half screen and tilt in for easy cleaning. One key benefit of modern double hung windows is the fact that no storm windows are needed.

Two Light Slider Window

Two light slider windows slide sideways and come with half or full screens. They are a great replacement window choice if you want a lot of glass and ventilation at a reasonable price. Two light slider windows are very popular in sunrooms. 

Three Light Slider Window

Three light slider windows work like two light slider units, except that the center light is fixed. They come in ⅓ -⅓ -⅓  or ¼ -½ -¼ layouts. Three-Light Slider windows make an excellent replacement window choice for large window openings.

Casement Window

Casement windows are hinged on one side and open like a door. They are considered the tightest-sealing ventilated window. Casement windows can come in banks of two, three or four units. They have a very contemporary look, which makes them a popular replacement window choice. 

Picture Window

Picture windows do not open. They can come in many shapes and sizes. They are a popular replacement window option for large viewing areas or as an accent. Specially-shaped picture windows can used above another window. For instance, in a large family area with a high ceiling, you could include a transom, trapezoid, circle top, octagon or elliptical-shaped picture window together with another window.

Awning Window

Awning windows are hinged at the top and crank out at the bottom. They offer less ventilation than other types, but have the advantage of keeping out rain if left open during a storm.  

Hopper Window

Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and tilt inward when opened. This replacement window option is typically used in basements, because of its small size and affordable price.   

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows and bow windows project out from your house and add an attractive architectural element to your home. Bays are three-faceted windows that typically have a large picture window in the center. Bow windows have anywhere from four to six facets that give them a rounded appearance. Both bays and bows have a seating area or plant shelf on the inside. A key consideration when choosing bay windows or bow windows is that they do require an overhang or roof above them to keep out the weather.

Patio Door

People often don’t consider their patio doors windows. But since they’re made mostly of glass, they certainly function as windows and can be a key part of overall window selection and design for your home. Patio doors offer a great view and ventilation at a reasonable cost. Since they slide open, they do not eat up floor space like a traditional door. 

Garden Window

Garden windows are three-sided window units that project out from your house and have glass in the roof. They come with two opening widows and shelving for plants. Most times these windows are installed over the kitchen sink to make watering and potting easier.