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If you’re looking for a low maintenance, affordable, but high functioning replacement window, Sliding Windows from Kool View are an excellent option.  Our Sliders are extremely popular for a variety of reasons. First up, a  sliding window is a window that has one fixed pane and one sliding pane.  The sliding pane slides along a track inside the window frame in order to open or close.

Energy-Saving Sliding Windows from Kool View feature effortless, ergonomic designs for modern and traditional homes. Our sliding window is extremely low maintenance because it has very few components that are necessary for its operation leaving no room for error.  That’s right, no pulleys or springs! Two pairs of brass wheels on each fully operational sash glide effortlessly along the reinforced rail system. All you have to do is to lubricate the slider occasionally and to vacuum out the window track if it ever contains dirt or debris. That’s it!

Kool View Sliding windows are also incredibly functional.

You can open them as far as you like to let fresh air into your home, and you can easily fit them with flyscreens so you can keep the bugs out while still letting the fresh air in.  You can also add a variety of glazing to the sliding window, from the standard single glazing to safety glass, low-e glass, and double glazing. Being able to fit low-e glass or double glazing greatly improves the energy efficiency of the window, and reduces the need to use heating or cooling inside your home. That adds up to money you save every month on your energy bills.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the double-hung window our Slider is for you.  Our classically styled window slides from side to side rather than up and down. Each sash of our Kool View slider simply lifts in for easy cleaning.  Lastly, our Sliding windows are one of the most economical types of windows that you can buy.  They are more cost effective than most other types of windows. Plus,  they will also last for much longer with much less maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairing or replacing your windows down the line.

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Replacement Windows Madison
Replacement Windows Madison

Kool View energy saving windows are engineered to be the strongest yet are the most beautiful you will find.