Sliding glass doors in Stoughton, McFarland, Madison, WI

Posted on: August 2nd, 2016 by Andy Glasgow

Sliding glass doors for that closer connection to the outdoors

Sliding glass doors are great for patios and rooms with balconies, verandas as well as living rooms. In fact, anywhere you want doors that connect you with the outdoors, open and close with ease, don’t take space and don’t bang closed when the wind picks up, is a good candidate for sliding glass doors. Koolview Company supplies and installs beautiful high-quality sliding glass doors. So if you want sliding patio doors in Janesville WI, or gliding balcony doors in Madison WI or sliding living room doors in Stoughton WI, then Koolview can help.

Sliding glass are also referred to as sliders or gliders since the sliding pane glides along a track in order to open or close. Their sleek stylish looks, ease of operation and low maintenance make these doors a popular choice with many home owners. You can open your door on a fair weather day and enjoy the free flow of air between inside and outside. When the weather turns nasty you simply close the door in order to keep the bad weather outside.

When shopping around for sliding glass doors you want to consider the materials, exteriors, weatherproofing, maintenance, energy efficiency and reliability. For example, exterior and frame options include wood protected by fiberglass, wood protected by vinyl or pure aluminum frames. You want durable sliding glass doors that look good and operate with ease. That means architectural authentic doors made of durable materials with proper weather stripping.

You also want your sliding doors professionally installed to ensure they keep out drafts and leaks. When you combine this with energy compliant low E4 glass, you have doors that add to your comfort while saving you money on electrical bills.

Safety is another important factor and that is why you want sliding glass doors with deadbolt locking and tempered safety glass so you and your loved ones can sleep peacefully and safely at night.

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